Kit plans for 2022

Kit plans for 2022
  • Around the time of the IPMS Scale Modelworld I put out a flyer with the plans for the next year, as has become a tradition.  This  has in light of a conversation with a fellow kit producer, now been revised as the planned Loch class 1/350 kit is no longer in our plans.  A lot has happened in the last few months of last year to change the outlook on future kit production, since we now have the in-house faciltity to produce high quality, 3d printed resin parts, this method will be used for a high proportion of the smaller components of kits.  Alongside my currently fairly rudimentary but developing CAD skills, it is hoped that time allowing, production of kits should be quicker and quality again improved.  Some kits will also feature parts from Black Cat Models to add that extra layer of finesse. 
  • Those kits currently out of stock will be returned when possible, unfortunately the master of the Atlantic HMS Ark Royal has degenerated such that it will have to be rebuilt, although this does give the opportunity to provide an upgrade with some 3d printed parts.  However it does mean it will not be unavailable for several months yet.
  • In terms of planned releases, progress is as follows, with the closest releases first.
  • Coastal Cargo set 1/700, now at the production stage, hopefully available in around 4 weeks.
  • Atlantic HMS Caesar, waiting on resin cast then instructions, hopefully 4-6 weeks.
  • HMS Yarra / HMS Wellington, much delayed but at the design stage and progressing well, expected around 3-4 months.
  • HMS Sea Rover, at the design stage, also around 3-4 months.
  • 1/700 River class kit, expected summer.
  • HMS Kent / Bristol / Andromeda, waiting for design time (not doing these myself) so towards the end of the year with the latter more likely next year.
  • Tug Challenge, late summer /autumn.
  • The other kits will be entirely in house so really depends on available time over the course of the year.
  • There will of course also be periodic releases of 3d printed parts and photoetch, with decal sets. As always it is an ambitious list and not all will be achieved this year, but it is worth a try!
  •  Mike

2022 flyer front

2022 flyer back

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