Upgrade set for Trumpeter New Orleans class cruisers

Upgrade set for Trumpeter New Orleans class cruisers

White Ensign Models


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WEM 1/700 New Orleans Class Cruiser (PE 790). For the Trumpeter kits. 

Contains railings: 3-bar fantail, hangar roof, 3-bar Foc’sle, stock 3-bar and 2-bar, 2-bar close-stanchioned; early and late funnel siren platforms, late fit hangar doors, late bridge windscreen frames, stock vertical ladder, anchor chain, depth charge rack frames and rails, seaplane catapult assemblies, catapult catwalk assemblies, aircraft crane jib, aft director tub assembly, aft supplementary gun tub supports (late fit), aircraft launch cradle, searchlight platform tower, upper and lower searchlight platform railings, searchlight platforms, SK radar platform supports (late), SK radar platform, mainmast forward lattice, yardarms and late platform assembly, crane rigging and hooks, funnel cap grilles, leadsman’s platforms, TBS antenna, UNREP posts, foremast yardarms (late), propeller guards, Curtiss SOC seaplane parts, topmast SG platforms (late), fore funnel DF platform assembly, footropes for foremast and mainmast yardarms, forward liferaft racks, small cordage reels, large cable reels, SG radar antennas, inclined ladders: upper bridge, J9, C15, C17, C18, C29, C30, C32 and C33; forward gun tub supports, accommodation ladder davits, steps and rails, SK radar antenna assembly, SC-4 radar antenna assembly, Mk 3 fire control radar antennas, Mk 4/12 fire control radar antennas, SM-1 radar antenna, SC radar antenna, Mk 28 fire control radar antennas, Mk 25 fire control radar antennas, workboat and seaboat rudders and thwarts, davit rigging, Mk 51 AA directors, 40mm quad bofors mounts, 1.1” AA gun mounts and single 20mm oerlikons on tripod mountings.