Prinz Eugen upgrade set for Trumpeter kit

Prinz Eugen upgrade set for Trumpeter kit

White Ensign Models

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WEM 1/350 Prinz Eugen (PE 35124) For the Trumpeter kit.

Fret 1 Contains: Stock 3-Bar Railing, Handrails for Superstructure, Handrails for Bulwark Tops, Railings (Aft Conning Tower Deck), Railings (Landing C18), Railings (Lower Superstructure Aft), Railings (Lower Superstructure Fwd), Railings (Shaped for Foc’s’le), Railings (Bow), Railings (Lower Superstructure Mid Aft), Railings (Lower Superstructure Mid Fwd), Railings (Superstructure Aft 105 Deck), Railings (Superstructure Fwd 105 Deck), Railings (Aft Superstructure Deck A1), Railings (Mainmast Platform B2 Fwd), Railings (Hangar Well Edges), Railings (Fwd Superstructure Deck A14), Railings (Bruckenhaus Deck A12), Railings (Mainmast Platforms), Railings (Turret Top AA Platforms), Railings (Foretop Director), Ship's Boats Wheels, Railings (Bridge Deck Aft A2), Short Step Ladders, Railings (Admiral's Bridge Roof), Railings (Mainmast Searchlight Platform Fwd), As 26 above with Canvas Dodgers, Railings (Mainmast Searchlight Platform), As 28 above with Canvas Dodgers, Railings (Aft Auxiliary Conning Position), Railings (Admiral's Bridge Rear), Funnel Stack Handrails (Curved), Funnel Stack Handrails (Straight), Funnel Cap Handrails (Curved), Funnel Cap Handrails (Straight), Searchlight Lens Grilles, Upper Bridge Lookout Platforms, Marx Float Bases, Aft Director Mast Yardarm, Crane Jib Ladders, FuMo 22 Radar Antenna, FuMb 4 Radar Detection Antennas, FuMb 7 Radar Detection Antenna, Bow Anchor Man's Platforms, FuMo 25 Radar Antenna, FuMo 26 Radar Antenna (Late), FuMo 26 Radar Antenna (Early), FuMo 27 Radar Antennas, Paravane Detail Parts, Foremast Top Yardarm, Mainmast Top Yardarm, Inclined Ladder Replacements F11, Inclined Ladder Replacement B24, Inclined Ladder Replacement B23, Inclined Ladder Replacements F6, Inclined Ladders Fore & Aft Superstructure, Vertical Ladder Stock, Cable Reel Replacements G36, Cable Reel Replacements G19, Watertight Doors, Watertight Hatches;


Fret 2 Contains: Aircraft Catapult, Catapult Pulley Wheels, Catapult Servicing Platform, Aircraft Launch Cradle, Sea Boat Boarding Platforms, Turmmast Rear Yardarm Footbars, Mainmast Upper Platform Yardarms, Funnel Vent Boat Cradles Port (Early Fit), Funnel Vent Deck (D8 Replacement Early Fit), Funnel Vent Boat Cradles Starboard (Early Fit), Retractable Bridge Wing Railings, Retractable Bridge Wing Decks, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Rigging, Inclined Ladder Replacement B23, Arado Ar-196 Seaplane Parts, Stern Eagle Crest, Lower Superstructure Rails, Mainmast Range Clock, Wire Antenna Spreaders (Forward PlatformA11), Turmmast Rear Platform & Yardarms C10), Turmmast Forward Yardarms, Mainmast Upper Platform Supports, Forward Conning Tower Director Antenna, Torpedo Stowage Catwalks, Mainmast Lower Platform & Yardarms, Admiral's Bridge Wire Antenna Spreaders, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Bridge Rear Platform on Deck A12, Paravane Rack (Starboard), Sea Boat Launching Gantry Parts, A and D Turret Deck Rings, Hawser Reel Replacements F10, Mainmast Radar Antenna Platform, Main Boat Crane Rigging, Large Crane Hooks, Admiral's Bridge Fore & Aft Supports, Main Boat Crane Jib, Funnel Side Platform Braces, Funnel Forward House Starboard Supports, Crane Jib Rest (Starboard Side), Crane Jib Rest (Port Side), Funnel Forward House Port Support, Small Loading Booms, Paravane Rack (Port), Main Director Top Greenhouse Frame D10, Marx Float Racks (Superstructure Front & Rear), Anchor Chain Stock, Funnel Lower Catwalk, Funnel Cap Grille, Prop Guards, Forward Boat Cradles (Port Outer), Port Forward Boat Cradle Centre Beams, Port Forward Boat Cradle Support Frame, Forward Boat Cradles (Port Inner), Forward Boat Cradles (Stbd Inner), Starboard Forward Boat Cradle Centre Beams, Forward Boat Cradles (Stbd Outer), Starboard Forward Boat Cradle Support Frame, Turmmast Searchlight Platform Railing, Turmmast Searchlight Platform (Early Fit), Admiral's Bridge Supports (Lateral), Marx Float Racks (Funnel Sides), Funnel Aft Siren Platform, Funnel Forward Siren Platform, Aft Boat Cradle Frame (Port), Aft Boat Cradles (Port), Aft Boat Cradles (Stbd), Aft Boat Cradle Frame (Stbd), Anchor Chain Stoppers, Inclined Ladder Replacement B25, Capstan Handwheels, Replacement Side Director Platforms C16 & C17, Ensign Staff Support Frame, Loading Davits, Aft Gun Platform Supports, Mainmast Tripod Braces, 10.5cm Gun Deck Extensions, Forward Gun Deck Supports, 7mtr Motor Boat Fittings, 11-meter Admiral's Gig Fittings, 9-meter Captain's Gig Fittings, 8-meter Cutter Thwarts & Rudder, Open Boat Oars