German 1936 class destroyer upgrade set

German 1936 class destroyer upgrade set

White Ensign Models

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 WEM 1/350 scale German destroyer set for the Revell and Zvezda kits of Z-17 Diether von Roeder.

Set contains: Railings, Yardarm Footropes, Motor Boat Fore Deck Railings, FuMo21 Radar Antenna Assembly, FuMo23/24 Radar Antenna Assembly, Funnel Cap Grill (Aft Funnel), Yardarm Footropes (Fore Mast), Mine Rail Tracks, Cordage Reels, Capstan Handwheels, Torpedo Control Position Asembly (Early), FuMo63 Radar Antenna Assembly, Goal Post Fore Mast Base Assembly, Bridge Wing Supports, Bridge Wing Supports (Altenative), Motor Boat Cradles, Propeller Guards (Large),Torpedo Loading Gantries, Funnel Cap Grill (Fore Funnel), Fore Funnel Cap Handrails, FuMb 7 Radar Sensors (Sumatra), Fore Mast Aerial Spreader Rails, Fore Mast Aerial Spreader, Foremast Footropes, 3.7cm DoppelFlak Cannon, Deck Hatches, 2cm Single Flak C38, Life Raft Plates, Inclined Ladders (Bridge Wing), Motor Boat Canopy, Flak Veirling Assembly, Cable Reels , Inclined Ladders (Aft Deck Step and Aft Gun Deck), Gun Deck Side Netting, Watrtight Doors, Anchor Chain and more.