County Class cruiser upgrade set

County Class cruiser upgrade set

White Ensign Models


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WEM 1/700 WWII County Class Cruiser (PE 725)

Contains: Jack & ensign staffs, depth charge racks, accommodation ladders and davits, 3-bar rails, 2-bar rails, girder supports, boat davits and chocks, gunnery radars, 281 arrays, main and foremast platform/supports, main and foremast starfish, single Oerlikons and shields, Walrus undercarriage and prop, catapult and cradle, crane boom and hook, pom-pom directors, inclined & vertical ladders, aft funnel S.L. platform supports, funnel cap grilles, cruciform braces for bridge, D.F. aerial, bridge rangefinders, forecastle sounding platforms, anchors & cables, binnacle, RAS derricks, bridge windscreen, forefunnel siren platform, foremast lower yard footropes and more!