Bismarck or Tirpitz upgrade set

Bismarck or Tirpitz upgrade set

White Ensign Models


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WEM 1/700 Bismarck/Tirpitz (PE 752). Suitable for the Trumpeter, Dragon, Aoshima and Samek kits.  

Contains 3-bar standard railings, 3-bar railings with angled stanchions, 2-bar railings selection, stock splinter shield with handrail, low 2-bar railing, handrail, anchor chain, stock vertical ladder, Bismark aircraft handling gantry, Tirpitz aircraft handling gantry, FuMo23 radar antennas, funnel cap grille assembly, forward hangar roof boat cradles, boat cradle catwalks, mainmast range dials, 'B' barbette port forward and aft and starboard vent platforms, aft hangar boat cradle catwalks, 'C' turret barbette vent platforms, 10.5cm gun mounting doors and fittings, AA director tub railings, main crane rigging, small cable eels, marx floats, motorboat fittings, work boat fittings, Kartoffelraum roof railings (Tirpitz), 'C' barbette inclined ladders, mainmast lower yard footbars, mainmast wire spreader and footbars, mainmast top yard and footbars, foremast top yard, forward hangar side catwalks, forward hangar side boat cradles, Tirpitz FuMo 26 radar antenna, aircraft gantry mechanism, inclined ladders, Tirpitz FuMo27 radar antenna, FuMb 4 'Sumatra' passive antennas, FuMb 7 'Timor' passive antenna, Tirpitz manoeuvring platform supports, Bismark manoeuvring platform supports, manoeuvring platforms, aft director pole antenna yard, foretop platform forward yard footbars, foretop platform aft yard footbars, top platform forward antenna, additional lookout latforms (Tirpitz), searchlight lens frames, secondary turret armoured windows, secondary turret rangefinder windows, replacement boat davits, main turret rangefinder windows, Arado Ar-196 seaplane parts, main turret armoured windows, funnel searchlight platform catwalks, Tirpitz admiral's flying bridge extensions, admiral's bridge rangefinder support frame, Bismarck crane jib support platforms, Tirpitz crane jib support platforms, Tirpitz FuMb 4 antenna, FuMo 21 antenna, Tirpitz FuMo 30 antenna, catapult covers, aircraft catapult, accommodation ladder assembly, Tirpitz conning tower AA platform, capstan handwheels, admiral's bridge roof side platforms, admiral's bridge roof front platform, foretop searchlight platform supports, admiral's bridge rangefinder tub extensions, foretop director arm footbars, lower director arm footbars and seaplane launch cradles.