Update on kit releases

Update on kit releases

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For those of you who may not have seen it, our ambitious kit release schedule for 2020 is as below.  A good proportion of these are expected to be pushed into next year, although progress is being made in many areas.  Producing resin kits is not a quick business, unlike mushrooms they do not appear overnight.  Most kits will need to co-ordination of seven or eight different suppliers, many of which are similarly small companies who will need to take time to deliver the various elements of the kit. 

Starling Models

The first kit of the batch, the 1/700 HMS Alynbank was released yesterday along with some sets of British Army Chieftain and Centurion tanks and Stalwart trucks in both 1/700 and 1/350.  Alynbank was an auxiliary anti-aircraft ship converted from a merchant ship, the kit is resin of course, but includes photoetched parts and turned brass masts and is priced at £54.95. 

Initial design work has started on the HMAS Yarra kit with some of the main components completed.  This will be the next Starling Models kit to be released with summer the earliest likely period.  Following this HMS Glamorgan will be the next in line, all other kits will be dependent on the release dates of these first two.  For later in the year at least one new release will have  the IPMS Scale Modelworld show in November as a target date.

Some new etch sets will gradually be released with a couple of these at the etchers at the moment.  Amongst the next batch will be the first of some 1/350 sets, likely towards the end of March.

Atlantic Models

With the Ark Royal kit back in stock as of this week, the first ten kits in this list are currently available.  HMS Swift will be the next available with photoetched parts in production, once instructions have been written when these are delivered the kit will be on sale with a price of £29.  Next along will be HMS Calcutta, resin casts for this are waiting for etch to be designed so the kit should be in stock in around two months.  With luck HMS Amethyst will be available around the same time.  It is likely the remaining kits will be pushed into next year.

So there you have it, a lot to do but a lot already in progress, more updates will be made on this blog in due course when there is news of developments.


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 Mike McCABE
Hi Colin, Atlantic Models are retaining the 1/350 kits although I don't think there any plans to resurrect the kit, try dropping Peter a line. Mike
colin chambers
 colin chambers
any plans for the WEM 1/350 HMS Sheffield ?
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