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February 7th - Back online

Welcome back to all our friends after a break of around one month, it is very nice to be back in business.  Unfortunately the last few months have been extremely difficult personally as my passed away in the middle of January after a long illness which meant devoting considerable time and energy to her in the last few months of her life.

For those who are unaware, like many hobby small businesses Starling Models is effectively a one person operation, this means that when significant events take place, there is little room for every day life and running a business becomes very demanding.   The next few weeks and months will be demanding both emotionally and physically, there will be delays, probably more errors than usual, no doubt a lack of response at times.  Your patience and understanding whilst things slowly get back more towards normal will be much appreciated.

Due to these other demands of time over the last quarter of 2019 the scheduled release of kits has had to be put back.  The 1/700 HMS Alynbank is likely to be towards March, with the first of the 1/350 kits planned for this year, HMAS Yarra, still in the design stages so some way off. 

In the Atlantic Models range casts have been received for Swift and Calcutta and etch design will start on these shortly with release aimed for Easter.  Other planned releases will be gradually at some point after this and over the course of the year.

With the shop reopening we have a restock from Orange Hobby including their new 1/700 HMS Royal Oak 1939 kit, a delivery from Combrig is expected within the next few weeks as is a restock of the IHP Colossus class carrier.  Arrivals from Artist Hobby and most likely anything else from China will be delayed due to the current health issues there.

Due to difficulties in supply we will not be restocking any items from North Star, after a litany of problems it is time to accept that this will never be an easy company to work with.  On the positive front there will be more RN and RCN kits forthcoming in 1/350 from Black Cat Models, a new line from Italy, Thetis and a first kit from Shelf Oddity of Poland, a 1/700 Mogador class destroyer. 

Keep checking the regular blog updates for news and enjoy your modelling.


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My condolences to you and family. Will ATK 700-27 HMS ARK ROYAL be available again? Searched but can not find a supplier
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