Sovremenny class destroyer upgrade set

Sovremenny class destroyer upgrade set

White Ensign Models


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WEM 1/700 Sovremenny Class Destroyer (PE 759). For Dragon kits. 

Contains 4-bar standard railings, 3-bar superstructure railings, 2-bar platform railings, anchor chain, mainmast VHF antenna, 956E mainmast lattices, 956E mainmast side platforms, port and starboard 956E mainmast yard port aft frames, lattices and yards, foremast front platform support, foremast platform starboard sensor support, foremast platform aft sensor support, foremast platform port support frame, foremast platform starboard support frame, foremast platform assembly, forward VHF antenna, foremast wind vanes, "cage bare" and "pop art" antennas, fregat radar maintenance platform, helicopter restraint net, large and small fregat radar plates and support frames, flight deck safety nets, foremast lower walkway, aft gun turret shields, forward gun turret shields, inclined ladders, outer hangar doors and framework, foremast wire antenna spreader, ensign staff, folded accommodation ladders, quick release doors, Kamov Ka- 27 folded and spread rotors and tail fins, mainmast DF antenna, AK-130 gun turret forward handrail, AK-130 gun barrel coolant pipes, AK-130 gun turret access steps, walkway handrails, forward DF antenna, vertical ladder (stock), "top steer" radar front and rear transducer bar, antenna screen and mounting, port and starboard shtil missile launcher platforms, riding light gantry, jack staff, funnel forward platform support brackets, 956 mainmast platform, platform rear section, aft port yard frame, port yard, lower port yard, starboard aft yard frame, starboard yard, lower starboard yard, forward lattice, lattice, ESM sensor, port and starboard 956 mainmast sides and solid handrail end sections.